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Author: Impact Interactive

Psionic storm v1.0 features:

* Psionic powers as an addition to normal UT3 gameplay
* Custom effects
* Client side configuration using the Impact Extension technology
* Complete AI bot support
* Online multiplayer support

The current move list includes

* Levitation - Who needs gravity?
* Perception - Your opponents can no longer hide
* Telekenisis - Fling your opponents around for fun
* Blast - Shatter opponents into multiple pieces
* Shield - I am invincible
* Transport - Like teleporting only .. well it is teleporting
* Invisibility - Now you see me, now your squinting, now your swearing
* Zen - Gain in some areas at a cost to your physical being
* Spider - Everything's a floor
* Phase Shift - Not of this physical plane
* Reflection - If I'm rubber and you're glue...

And new for version 1.0...

* Steal - I believe this is now mine
* Sacrifice - Are you prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice
* Fling - Flick your wrist, send people flying
* EMP - No longer are vehicles safe
* Disable - If I can't do it, no one can
* Bind - If I die, you're going with me

Psionic Storm is currently for PC only, but hopefully soon it will be avalible for PS3. There is also the complete source code for anyone to do whatever they feel like doing with it.

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