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Author: Final Act Team

I am a grad student at The Guildhall at SMU, located in Plano, TX. For our 2nd major "Team Game Project" (TGP) we were given the assignment of creating a multiplayer-based mod utilizing the Unreal III Engine Technology.

The result of 9 students and 2 months of our hard work is Final Act.
Final Act is a 3rd person, real-time strategy game. It is not about killing your enemies directly, but more indirectly with the use of living statues called "Summons." The win condition is to destroy the other side's Soul Well and keep your own Soul Well from getting destroyed in the process. It needs to truly be played to be understood.

The installer comes with the instruction manual (reading the manual is highly recommended), but remember it is a multiplayer mod, so it is first and foremost meant to be a multiplayer game. In testing we discovered the game plays best with 6 or more people (3-on-3) but if you don't have that many people to play with, you can still have fun and enjoy our game!


Once you install, start a multiplayer match, and you should be able to select from one of the two levels and create a match. Then let people join and away you go! On behalf of Team Zombie Lips and The Guildhall at SMU, HAVE FUN!

* Christian Schmidt - Level Design (Team Lead, HUD Programmer)
* Chris Meub - Software Development (Lead Programmer)
* Ryan Barrett - Art Creation (Animator, Textures, HUD Design, Manual Design)
* Danielle Demarest - Art Creation (Concept Art, Character Modeler, Textures, Logo Design)
* Bill Smith - Art Creation (Art Lead, Concept Art, Environment Modeler and Textures)
* Ahmed Abdelmeguid - Level Design (Associate Lead Design and Audio Design)
* Jason Glenn - Level Design (Shrine of Shaleaux map creator)
* Hans Larsen - Level Design (Additional Programming, Particle Effects)
* Shaun McCarty - Level Design (Islands of Rapture map creator)

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