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Author: Xaklse

What the hell is a relic? The relics are items that move around the map and give you special powers when picked up.

There are 18 types of relics:
- Relic of Strength: Doubles the damage that you do.
- Relic of Defense: Reduces all the damage you take by half.
- Relic of Health: Regenerates your health.
- Relic of Haste: Multiplies your speed by 1.5.
- Relic of Redemption: Gives you a second chance at life.
- Relic of Vengeance: Creates a big explosion after your death.
- Relic of Agility: Provides you a powerful jump.
- Relic of Ammo: Replenishes your ammunition counters.
- Relic of Disability: If you get hurt, your enemy will be forced to feign death.
- Relic of Guns: Makes you shoot faster.
- Relic of Equilibrium: Distribute damage you take amongst nearby players.
- Relic of Infancy: Decreases you in size.
- Relic of Invisibility: Makes you invisible.
- Relic of Momentum: The momentum of damage is increased.
- Relic of Radiation: Gradually decreases the opponents' health near to you.
- Relic of Translocation: If you get hurt, your enemy will be teleported away from battle.
- Relic of Vampire: Grants you the ability to drain opponent's life damage.
- Evil Relic: Gives you a rare illness.

Configuration options are available and vehicles are supported.

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