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Author: iniside

1. Source code for mutator is included. You are free to use it, without any restrictions. In fact, one of golas of this mod is to provide good base for 3rd person camera, to use by other people in their creations. It would be great if, when use this code, and make improvments to it, to share it with commnity to, but this is not required.
2. For now, mod will be releasde now as mutator. Later installation as TC will come. That's because, mod is incomaptibile, with some other mutators, and installing it as TC will make more sense.
3. Mod is compatibile only With UT3 2.0 (aka Titan Pack), wich should be release 5th march. And my mod will come to download along with it.
4. Cook for Ps3 is not available , but source code is included. So you can cook it, and publish for PS3.
5. And last but not least, GoW character from screenshot are not included, you can find them on Epic Forums.

Know Issues:
1. Bullets from Stinger, Link Gun, AVRIL, and Rocket Luncher don't spawn properly. You can see this clearly on Stinger
2. Link Gun have problems with, targeting. Bullets don't fly to center of crossiar instead around, wiich in big disntaces cloud provide with missie crossair entaierly.
3. Mod cloud be not compatibile, with mods like BattleRPG, some character mods etc. It will work, but some thing cloud behave strange. Lik you will not be able to zoom with sniper rifle. This is know and unfixable, until Epic include good working 3rd person cam in UT3 code base, or developers of other mods make it compatibile with mine :)

Fall for creating ActionCam, and giving idea of how traces should look
Mk3rdPersonMutator, for show me how mutator should look.

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