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Author: Squizmek

Snowreal is a 3rd person Snowboarding Mod for Unreal Tournament 3. Race down one of 4 massive-scale maps or show your spectacular skills in a trick competition. Switch from vast snow landscapes to a tension-packed ride over dangerous lava streams down a volcano, back to a tricky alpine slalom course.
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(you can select this server in your serverbrowser, or you can join by console: from the menu, press F10 and type 'open' without quotation marks, then press enter and then F10 to close console)


* 2 games modes: racing and trick competition
* 5 different board skins, depending on your character
* 4 massive maps for downhilling action and trick jumping
* 16 different combinable tricks
* Remote camera - watch yourself doing stunts and record your own trick video!
* Mini-Map - shows you other players and checkpoints. It also points you to the next checkpoint in racing mode.
* Bot Support - Bots will roam around randomly on the snowboard.
* Onscreen Nametags
* Works with custom characters

Watch the Snowreal Trailer

Watch the Snowreal PS3 Gameplay Video #1

Still uncertain?
Read what others had to say about the mod: - "If you thought modding couldn't get better. Think again."
BananaXtreme - "My mate almost got a heart attack bcuz of the fun he had :D!"
Viper7 - "you basicly made the first snowboarding game for ps3, gratz for that" - "Now for something definitely cooler. Like a couple degrees Fahrenheit cooler. [...] some of the fans' creativity let loose with wild abandon."

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