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Author: Angels Fall First: Planestorm team

Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

Angels Fall First: Planetstorm is a team-based planetary assault game fought both in space and on the ground. Maps are linked in pairs to enable you to continue the fight all the way from jumping in your task force through to personally executing the enemy commander in his bunker.

The two superpowers grappling with each other are the newly reformed Antarean Empire, an expansionist power still smarting from a humiliating defeat of a millennium ago. led by the young emperor Maruis Lucan Andromedeus XIV they are determined to resist the unification led by the ULP and to reclaim lost territories. The Antareans are the oldest and proudest colony of man, and also the largest single political entity in the galaxy. The United League of Planets, consisting of 5 founding nations and assorted fringe protectorates. The ULP was founded by legendary Taurean diplomat Yvette Edrasil after the war against the old Antarean Empire shredded the former core states' political relations.

Their goal is a unified galaxy but like any vast bureaucracy they are seen as somewhat faceless and cold by many of the wayward nations they would adopt. Sensing this tension, the Antarean empire led the call to arms against the ULP, and the galaxy has not seen the end of hostilities since.

Locust Gunship Practice by Pete Milligan

Three map-pairs are initially planned with more to follow testing.

Errah Mines:

* Part 1 -the USN must disable the remaining functioning Antarean battleships in the Poranti System, Eretean Republic. Crewed by the guerilla Antarean Imperial Erran Irregulars, they protect one of the last strongholds of the Antarean sympathizers in Eretea, the orbital ore transfer station of Errah.
* Part 2 - The ULA must rush in to retake the mining and manufacturing town of Camp Lewis. Protected by a small but deeply entrenched and surprisingly professional Antarean irregulars.

Meudeverre Icefields:

* Part 1 - the USN must capture the Antarean Aquila 9 station built into a giant ice asteroid and hidden in the surrounding belt. they have the advantage with heavier ships but the fast-deploy defensive line station's static defenses are also formidable
* Part 2 - the USN must proceed to clear and capture the station from the Antarean defenders in an all-out marine assault deep into the bowels of the asteroid shipyards.

Lukather City:

* Part 1 - the AISN must scramble to meet a full frontal USN assault on the planet and prevent them landing troops.
* Part 2 - the USN must take the capital city's main starport to secure an LZ for reinforcements.

Swords over the Water by Pete Milligan

Features :

1. Fly capships from the bridge.
2. Turn their weapons on your enemies as a gunner
3. Launch fighters from the bay
4. Board other ships with your marines
5. Act as Fleet Admiral or Battlefield Commander and manage the fight from your command vehicle
6. Performance in one theater affects your position in the next
7. Loadout Unlocks become available as you fight
8. A whole armada of new ships, ground vehicles, weapons, and character classes.

Alex Drake

-Project Leader-

Angels Fall First Universe

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