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Author: BR team

Bailter Ray is a game prototype using the Unreal Tournament 3 as a development platform. Made over 12 weeks this total conversion mod is the work of Pip Robbins, Paul Smith, Zhao Zhang and Rebecca Wong final year students in RMIT's Game Program.

Bailter Ray is a 2.5D "side scrolling" platform, adventure shooter. Set in a alternate reality where science fiction tin toys exist as living entities. The player controls a tin spaceman Captain Phoenix Valentine, an Astro-Explorer who has crashed landed onto an unknown alien planet. In order to get home the captain needs to retrieve his space ship's power supply, a wind up key and locate his ship.

The prototype is a platforming playground of puzzles, enemy robots and alien plants that shoot goo and fire. In order to survive the surreal alien landscape, the player must make effective use of suit's jumping, dodging abilities and his trusty ray gun.

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