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Author: Toltec Studios

The Ball is a singleplayer action and puzzle mod for Unreal Tournament 3. It competes in the MakeSomethingUnreal Contest, and it has won three first prizes in so far (Best Gametype - 2 x Best Use of Physics), and one 3rd place (Best Mod). Additionally it has won the ModDB MOTY Best Singleplay Mod of 2008 award.

The Ball offers an adventure that puts you in the boots of a geologist who gets stuck in a cavern and bumps onto an ancient and Mesoamerican complex holding a mysterious ball. While making your way through the internal workings of ancient ziggurats, golden cities, and huge caverns, your only companion is a giant gold and metal-shelled ball, a mysterious artifact in its own right, that you use to make your way through a series of rooms and caverns, and to crush enemies with. As you progress through the mod, slowly the real purpose of this gigantic complex becomes clear, and you are sucked into a thousands of years old story of betrayal and secrecy.

The mod is episodic in nature, and knows a release every three to six months. So far two parts have been released: Pehua, and Oztoc. Part 3, Teotl, is set for a release in May 2009.

The Ball is designed and directed by Hourences and has a 13 people strong international team working on it: Toltec Studios.

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