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Author: Chipmunk Sweatshop

About the Game:
The Witching Hour is a horror/survival game. You're either a human who has chosen to spend the night in the wrong house or a spirit that returns from hell to haunt that house between midnight (the start of the witching hour) and 6 AM. The goal of either team is to be among the living when dawn breaks - those who are not will return to Hell for an eternity of torment.

The Teams:

Being trapped in this house your only goal is to stay alive. As the haunting spirits are already dead you cannot really hurt them, so you must rely on speed, evasion and flight to remain among the living until dawn.
Fortunately you have come in possession of one of Dr. Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein's mercury dischargers, a highly experimental weapon created with spirit hunting in mind. As mentioned spirits cannot be killed, but launching a mercury projectile [left mouse] at them will slow them down for a while. Firing a large charge of scattered mercury [right mouse] will also push a spirit away from you. A treacherous human might even turn the gun on his fellows, to slow them or push them towards attacking spirits. Note that your remaining ammo is shown as the mercury level in the three vials on the side of your weapon.

As a spirit you'll hold most of the cards. You might not be as fast as the living but you're nearly invisible, so people will not know which direction to flee from you. You will also be able to see much better in the dark and ... well ... there is no way the living can kill you.
Once you get close enough to one of the living you will see a soul link between the two of you - this means that you can start tearing the soul from the body of the human before you by holding down either mouse button. Once you have ripped the soul from the body of your victim you will automatically take over their body. You then have a chance of staying among the living - if no one else rips your soul from the body.

Navigate using the WASD keys and the mouse. Interact with doors and light switches using the "E" key. A hand icon showing up on screen means that you are aiming at something that you can interact with.
Note: whenever spirits interact with anything in the physical world they will temporarily become visible. Not interacting with the world of the living for a while will make a spirit near invisible once more.
Humans can sprint by using the "Q" key. This will give a burst of speed for a short time, but afterwards you will be exhausted and unable to sprint for a while.

Sound might save your life in TWH. You can keep track of time by paying attention to the sounds of the grandfather clock. As a human you will also be able to hear the sound of nearby spirits and make your escape before they find you.

Light switches are important in a number of ways. First of all, keeping lights lit will make it much easier to see approaching spirits. A brightly lit room might even blind the light-sensitive spirits, so spirits will want to keep the lights off.
Also, a night in a haunted mansion passes significantly faster with the lights on. If you keep the lights lit you will find that dawn comes earlier, which might just mean that you can escape with your body.
Because the interplay of light and dark plays a key role in the game, we recommend keeping Unreal Tournamentís in-game brightness setting set to 5.

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