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Author: Toltec Studios

The Ball is an indie singleplay action/puzzle game, running on Unreal Engine 3, for PC. The expected release date is spring 2010. The project started out as a mod for UT3, but has recently gone stand alone.

* Best Singleplay Mod of 2008 according to ModDB MOTY 2008
* Four time first place winner in the UT3 MakeSomethingUnreal Contest
* Used by Epic Games' to promote their UDK release

The Ball offers an adventure that puts you in the boots of an explorer who gets stuck in a cavern and bumps onto ancient Meso-American tombs. While making your way through the internal workings of ancient ziggurats, golden cities, and huge caverns, your only companion is a mysterious big gold and metal-shelled ball.

Innovative physics driven gameplay. Roll the ball around to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and crush enemies with. All from a first person perspective. Explore a world rich in atmosphere and history.

What's new?

* Cahua I - An entire new level set in the depths of the volcano. The second last level!
* Tlaloc - A fierce new enemy. The guardian of the factory.
* Electricity and Mines - New gameplay. Charge the ball with electricity or attach mines to it.
* Survival Changes - A combo system and a brand new awesome level.
* And Much More - Ball control improved. New effects. Perfomance improvements. Skippable cutscenes!

This release DOES NOT require any previous The Ball Episode. It includes ALL previous releases too. This version requires UT3 with Patch 2.1.

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