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Defend Unreal Territories is a new gametype for Unreal Tournament 3. The concept was created taking inspiration from Warcraft Tower Defense. The goal is to prevent hordes of monsters from reaching an objective. Firstly, the players' team will struggle on foot with conventional weapons. Then the players will be able to unlock bonuses (new abilities and objects) thanks to the points won each time a monster is killed. New abilities will enable the players to be faster, have more life and make more damage. The players may be helped by automatic turrets.

Defend Unreal Territories 's Team

* Josselin "Ethern1ty" CORNOU - Programmer, UI engineer
* Chris "Liquid" B. - Level designer, Programmer
* Sylvain "drakeslayer" POINTUD - Level designer, Programmer


* DUT-Colony
* DUT-DayColony
* DUT-DeadCity
* DUT-OrbitalZone
* DUT-Ruins
* DUT-Tower
* [NEW !!!!] -DC12 - Christmas Edition

Version changes

467 => Now

* Fixed: Cash
* Fixed: Orbital Zone Available

467 => 558

* Fixed: many others bugs & improvements
* Updated: Mod converted into Total Conversion
* Updated: some useless ingame messages don't appear anymore
* Fixed: UIScene bugs
* Updated: UI components are more user-friendly
* Updated: better code, less warnings, cleaner console
* Added: *full* network support
* Updated: waves & monsters (balancing, appearance & behaviour)
* Added: new waves & new monsters

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