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foxMod - Splitscreen v0.2
A Mutator and INI modification to support better splitscreen play through UI tweaks and re-written gamepad handling code
By foxUnit01 (foxBox)

UI Additions:
-- Default to 2P Splitscreen option
-- Additional gamepad options
-- Additional bindable controls:
---- Add Splitscreen Player
---- Cycle Splitscreen Control
---- Show Base Path
---- Network Statistics
---- Screenshot
---- Toggle Duck / Dodge (Gamepad)
---- Weapon Picker (Gamepad)
---- Toggle Impact Hammer (Gamepad)

Splitscreen Tweaks:
-- Allow local players to tweak options (for current session only, see known bugs)
-- Automatic XBL guest-style player renames ("fox", "fox(2)", "fox(3)" instead of "Player258")
-- Automatically disable Music, Dialogue and Announcer when splitscreen active (see known bugs)
-- Allow local players to drop-in midgame via Add Splitscreen Player bindable control
-- Allow local players to drop-out midgame via "Disconnect" from the menu

Enhanced Gamepad Support:
-- Tighter looking and aiming controls, with adjustable quick-turn speed
-- Subtle target adhesion, sticky aim and autoaim (ported from console code)
-- Revamped default control setup (see below)
-- All gamepad controls can be re-mapped from keys menu (some were mysteriously missing)
(Note: Gamepad enhancements only apply when actually receiving input from a gamepad - features toggle automatically and appropriately for keyboard/mouse input, even when both are being used at the same time on a single player)

Source for the mutator comes pre-extracted in the src folder so you can laugh at my silly code.

Extract the archive to "DocumentsMy GamesUnreal Tournament 3UTGame". There should be no file overwrites if you've never installed the mod before. DO NOT place any files in your UT3 install folder.

To use the INI tweaks, navigate to the Config folder and delete UTGame.ini and UTInput.ini. When you next launch UT3, new files will be generated from the mod's DefaultGame.ini and DefaultInput.ini with the necessary tweaks.
(Note: This will not reset your profile settings! These modified INIs are also perfectly compatible with normal games not running this mutator)

Finally, to fix a few issues with the new controls not being saved, navigate to the Config folder and open up UTEngine.ini. Find the following line:


Comment this out and replace it with the following:


Simply delete all files that were extracted from the archive. Additionally, reverse your changes made to UTEngine.ini, and delete your UTGame.ini and UTInput.ini files (to generate new files from vanilla UT3's DefaultGame.ini and DefaultInput.ini).

You will need an XBox 360 Controller set to Player 2 or higher. If you only have one XBox 360 Controller (or have no controller and need to emulate it), you may be able to set it to Player 2 or higher using xbox360cemu -

You should notice several new settings in the options menu, particularly under the Input tab. Play around with these as you wish - it will not create any issues should you decide to uninstall the mod later.
If you would like to utilize the new default controls (and receive default keybindings for the new actions), simply click "Restore Defaults" on the Keys page and click Accept. When viewing the Keys page again, the new bindings should display.

To start a splitscreen game, you have two options - for a 2P splitscreen game, you can simply check the "Splitscreen" box under the Player tab, which will automatically set 2P splitscreen for Instant Action and Multiplayer games (on servers running this mutator). For more than 2 players, check the Keys page for an "Add Splitscreen Player" action. Once in-game, this key will add splitscreen players in order of viewports available.

Splitscreen players should be able to use the ingame menu like normal (unless the Vote tab is up, in which case the first player will have to enter the menu and cycle out of the tab first). If a splitscreen player chooses "disconnect" from the menu, it will drop only that splitscreen player from the game (unless it's the first player, which will disconnect the client as normal).

I have not tested this mutator in network games with remote clients, but it "should" work fine in servers running this mutator. I assume no risks involved in testing this functionality. :P

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