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foxMod v0.6
A Mutator and INI modification project for proper splitscreen support, improved gamepad support, Hor+ FOV scaling, and improved AI
By foxUnit01 (foxBox)

General Additions:
-- Hor+ FOV support (automatically scales FOV based off aspect ratio and "Desired FOV" setting)
-- Campaign mutator support test (see campaign mutator section for use)
-- Additional bindable controls:
* Fine Aiming
* Drop Flag / Orb
* Toggle Impact Hammer
* Toggle Crouch / Dodge (Gamepad)
* Weapon Picker (Gamepad)
* Show Base Path
* Network Statistics
* Screenshot

Splitscreen Support:
-- Allow local players to drop-in and drop-out mid-game via "Splitscreen Players" slider option (dynamically select number of splitscreen players from 0 to 3)
-- Local profile system for splitscreen players to automatically save their settings
-- Shared settings such as A/V and Network settings can only be set by first player
-- Per-player FOV setting
-- When voting, splitscreen players will automatically mirror the first player's votes
-- Automatic XBL guest-style player renaming ("fox", "fox(2)", "fox(3)" instead of "Player258")
-- Automatic adjustment of audio when splitscreen is active (see known bugs - previously, each viewport played volume at 100%, becoming astronomically loud when 4 players were active)

Enhanced Gamepad Support:
-- Tighter looking and aiming controls, with adjustable quick-turn sensitivity
-- Optional "Fine Aiming" keybind to shrink the crosshair and set finer aim sensitivity to allow for easier long-range shots (not bound by default)
-- Subtle auto-aim and control tweaks for inputs received from a gamepad - gamepads can be used in tandem with a keyboard/mouse (features automatically toggle appropriately)
-- Working look-to-steer controls and associated "Vehicle Controls" option
-- Revamped default control setup (see below)
-- Analog stick quick-configuration (southpaw, legacy, etc.)
-- Fully remappable gamepad controls (some were mysteriously missing)

AI Improvements:
-- Anti-stuck measures for AI, fixing issues such as bots getting stuck in DM-Turbine
-- Bots use tow cables more often
-- Better follow behavior - bots utilize Link Gun properly when following and break off for combat when appropriate (within range and LOS to leader)
-- Initial orders for bots are now randomly assigned; influenced by other bots' orders
-- Bots now allowed to use hunting and "devious" behavior in team games and when large numbers of bots are present (more CPU intensive, but shouldn't be a problem)
-- Bots now use larger squads for better coordination
-- Bots now use any vehicle of opportunity, not just squad vehicles
-- When near a flag carrier and in a fast vehicle (Scorpion, Manta, etc.), bots will position themselves to tow the flag carrier (basic behavior, but it helps)
-- Bots try harder to get a vehicle unstuck before simply abandoning it
-- Bots with no passengers in an air vehicle will attempt to fetch passengers when not in combat (optimal Cicada usage for starters)
-- Bots now attempt to get out and heal vehicles when not busy
-- Bots now prefer non-vehicle paths when on foot (helps them sneak around vehicles)

Source for the mutators comes pre-extracted in the src folder so you can laugh at my silly code.

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