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foxMod v0.8
Improved AI, Hor+ FOV widescreen support, proper splitscreen support and improved gamepad support for Unreal Tournament 3
By fox

Special thanks to M0tah for writing the installer, testing and valuable feedback:

General Additions:
-- Hor+ FOV support - automatically scales FOV based off aspect ratio and "Desired FOV" setting, with server-configurable FOV clamps
-- First-person weapons rendered correctly for wider aspect ratios
-- New menu options for most new features within reorganized options menu
-- Fixed crash when picking up dropped weapons as a network client
-- Campaign mutator support
-- Team-colored death messages for all modes

Control Improvements:
-- Vertical and horizontal mouse speeds matched (vertical mouse movement is no longer slower)
-- Players can now cancel an engaged Scorpion boost by pulling back on the throttle
-- Translocator can now switch to previous weapon by pressing fire while holding alternate fire, and vice versa (like UT'99 / 2kX)
-- Working look-to-steer controls and associated "Vehicle Controls" option, rewritten to account for movement stick/keys heading
-- Adjustable controller deadzone
-- Additional bindable controls:
* Drop Flag / Weapon (Hold)
* Toggle Crouch / Dodge
* Toggle Impact Hammer
* Fine Aiming (Gamepad)
* Weapon Picker (Gamepad)
* Show Base Path
* Network Statistics
* Screenshot

Audio Improvements:
-- Fixed issues where certain sounds would play twice (translocation, weapon-switching, etc.), particularly for network clients (jumping, landing, etc.)
-- Music now correctly plays for network clients and features configurable action/tension music times
-- Music tracks are now always played under the "Music" audio group and guaranteed to loop (fixes issues with certain custom music in custom maps)
-- Fixed non-looping action music in DM-Deck (and any map that uses GoDown as music)
-- New voice messages for most vanilla characters
-- Subtle pitch randomization for voice messages
-- Ensure all voice messages of a particular category (taunts, status updates, etc.) have been played before allowing them to be reused
-- New SendSpeech console command for broadcasting specific voice clips, optionally to team only

Splitscreen Support:
-- Drop-in / drop-out splitscreen support via "Splitscreen Players" menu slider - dynamically select number of splitscreen players from 0 to 3
-- Local profile system for splitscreen players to automatically save/load their settings
-- Proper settings configuration - settings such as A/V and Network settings can only be set by first player
-- Fully functional splitscreen audio - including music, dialogue and announcement support
-- Proper voting support - local players all mirror each other's votes
-- Automatic guest-style player renaming - "fox", "fox(2)", "fox(3)" instead of "Player258"

Enhanced Gamepad Support:
-- Tighter looking and aiming controls, with adjustable quick-turn sensitivity
-- Optional "Fine Aiming" bindable control to shrink the crosshair and set finer aim sensitivity (not bound by default)
-- Subtle auto-aim and control tweaks for inputs received from a gamepad - gamepads can be used in tandem with a keyboard/mouse - features toggle as appropriate
-- Revamped default control setup
-- Analog stick quick-configuration - southpaw, legacy, etc.
-- Fully remappable gamepad controls - some were mysteriously missing

AI Improvements:
-- Anti-stuck measures for bots, fixing issues such as getting stuck in DM-Turbine
-- Better follow behavior - bots utilize Link Gun properly when following and break off for combat/items when appropriate (within range and line-of-sight to leader)
-- Reliably engage targets (enemies and objectives) when flying through the air (e.g. from jump pads etc.)
-- Attack any visible part of objects (helps tremendously on attacking Power Nodes / Cores - AI can now complete Confrontation with the Leviathan)
-- Keep charging weapons charged as long as possible when target can not be attacked (shot blocked etc.)
-- Avoidance Mapping system that allows bots to choose potentially longer, but safer paths when running an objective (potentially expensive)
-- Better use of level geometry as cover during fights
-- Crouch more often, particularly if it allows hitting a target that could not otherwise be hit
-- Avoid lifts if they have already been used and would need to wait
-- Greater avoidance of areas where deaths have occurred that match
-- Allow use of hunting and "devious" behavior in team games and when large numbers of bots are present
-- Organize larger squads for better coordination (by default, one squad per order)
-- Randomly assigned initial orders; influenced by other bots' orders and whether team is lead by a player
-- Extended vehicle pathfinding; AI will now attempt to drive vehicles anywhere they'll fit
-- Improved vehicle usage all-around, particularly in combat
-- Intelligently use any vehicle of opportunity (based on current vehicle if appropriate), not just squad vehicles
-- Prefer enemy unlocked vehicles to help tip vehicle usage in their team's favor
-- Prefer certain vehicle types according to effectiveness - generally prefer flying vehicles, fast vehicles for objective capping, artillery, etc.
-- Move in position to tow the flag carrier when appropriate and in a fast vehicle - Scorpion, Manta, etc.
-- Try harder to get a vehicle unstuck before simply abandoning it
-- Remain in vehicles if near an objective and someone else nearby is on foot (to help cover them)
-- Get out of stationary vehicles for pending Titan transformation
-- More intelligent use of Hoverboards and tow cables, particularly in Warfare
-- Don't randomly engage Scorpion self-destruct and use jumping ability of vehicles more often (Manta, Viper, Scavenger, etc.)
-- Attack empty locked enemy vehicles to thin out base defenses
-- Honk horn when looking for passengers
-- Attempt to fetch passengers when flying an air vehicle and not in combat - optimal Cicada usage for starters
-- Attempt to get out and heal vehicles when not busy
-- Attempt to toss flags and weapons when appropriate - will toss flags to stronger teammates closer to base, weapons to very weak teammates
-- Prefer to grab the enemy flag when attacking even if the friendly flag is taken (more realistic)
-- Improved Translocator usage (don't sit still when waiting for Translocator discs)
-- Improved jumping out of water behavior
-- Improved Orb handling
-- Improved Warfare teleporter usage
-- Keep a Hold Position order after respawning
-- Taunt and give praise on cool actions (flag captures, multi-kills, sprees, etc.)
-- Improved shootable door behavior (like on Turbine) - use Enforcer or other weapon guaranteed to open door if possible
-- Use Impact Hammer on invulnerable or heavily shielded enemies to knock their powerups off if appropriate
-- Necris and Krall bots no longer randomly spout human speech - particularly incoming vehicles
-- Krall bots now speak subtle grunts over the comms (bored, in combat, etc.) instead of RAWR all the time

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