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*Baton Rouge V1.1*

Welcome to Baton Rouge, a city located near New Orleans.
This started out as the Nights of New Orleans Guild map but as many people vanished i had no interest in finishing this anymore.
This was about a year ago if i remember correctly.
Later i did feel interested in finishing it again and started getting back to work, and now i lost interest again.
The idea was supposed to be quite a big city, could not create New Orleans as that would not be good as the city is a key city and being attacked by Sabbat, Camarilla and even Garou.
We choose Baton Rouge as that would be a much safer place to settle.
There are few location scrapped but the exits are available so any modder out there can make his/her own chronicle file with their favorite maps attached.
Maybe i will make an add on later...
Ok enough of this.

There are roughly 25 newly created levels available including havens, clubs and other role playing locations.
A full list can be found below.
It contains new textures, most created by myself.
New NPC's such as a Prince, Seneschal, Club Owner, Doctor etc.
These NPC's used to be my old Characters i Roleplayed at NoN.
There is around 50 new models created by me featuring statues, trees and just any kind of stuff.
There are also location maps available of the city area in case you get lost for some reason.
Maybe the location maps aren't very clear but it was mainly a test.
Just press M or the Map button to view the map.
New music at certain places.


What you need, a legal version of Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption and patch 1.1 installed.
Extract the contents of the zip file into your vampire directory I.E. C:Program FilesVampire The Masquerade
If you run CoTD Mod there is a possibility that some particles are missing, i have noticed that mainly the water sprays have been deleted (damn you renee :P).
It should work just fine with WTD MOD 3.5 or lower and WODMOD V1.2 or lower.

*The Locations*

- The Outskirts
You start here, basicly 17 miles away from Baton Rouge.
There is a cheap Motel, Gas Station and prostitutes but beware of Sherrif Billy for he patrols allot with his vehicle around the area ;)
From here you can go two ways, take a taxi to Baton Rouge center or take a taxi to Bennet Estate.

- Bennet Estate
This mansion is owned by Prince Bennet the Ventrue Prince of Baton Rouge.
It is not very large and left out many rooms as i actually wanted it big but did not feel making this..

- The Ancient Cainite Meeting Grounds
This ancient place can be reached through Bennet Estate, it was build inside the solid rock where later on Bennet Estate was built.
The number one rule to be followed here is that every clan goes in peace and there will be no fighting, much like an Elysium.
The portal leads nowhere but if moders please it can be linked to any map as it is defined as an exit.

- Down Town
The center of Baton Rouge, quite large and features many locations to enjoy the night.

- Federal Bureau of Investigations

- Laboratories
Owned by the Tremere Nicholas Karl Child of Morathi.
He uses this lab mainly to figure out every secret any cainite clan holds as you will find out when enetering the different rooms.

- Library
Basicly a huge library where any information on any subject can be found, it also houses the Tremere Chantry through a hidden location.

- Gun Shop
Owned by Josh a common Brujah, many different firearms can be found here.
Since weapons are registered through out the state it can be dangerous but old josh might be nice if you pay the right price.

- Dance Club Thunderdome
This club is owned by the Brujah Bruno Markus, behave yourself when inside because you do not want to piss him off ;)
There is an Illegal Fight Club below where can be gambled.

- Hotel Mercurio

- Federal Loan and Trust Bank
Need a place to keep your valuables ?
This is a very secure place to keep them.

- Theatre Ressurect

- Dinner 24H
For any good food this is the place to be, but it is expensive so be sure to bring cash.
Serves as a good meeting place as well.

- Subway
This city is not extremely big and so it hosts just one station with two ways to go, to New Orleans or (whatever).
Seek the hidden entrance to the abandoned 1940's subway.

- Abandoned Subway
What the hell happened here, there is many dead laboratory researchers to be found murdered in a really nasty way.
Can you discover the secret ?

- Catholic Church
This small church was built around 1400 by the French.

- Cemetery
The grounds that house the dead, a peacefull place.

- St. Michaels Clocktower
A gothic clocktower wich has some nice rooms mainly used for weddings.

- Asylum

- Curiosity shop
Ancient artifacts are sold here, expensive but a nice sword on the wall is never too much or maybe wield it one or two times on any foe is quite some fun too.

- City Sewers

- Pub Midian
For any metal lover this is the place to be, The Masquerade plays every night the local kindred band mixed Brujah, Caitiff and malkavian.

- Apartments
Scrapped... only apartment 3A avialable...

- Tremere Chantry


- Myself for being so crazy to put hundreds of hours into this for a dying game, hope by releasing this people will stay for a while, to those who are still here doing any modification you rock and keep up the good work.
- Nightwish, ManoWar, Opeth, Slayer, Cradle of Filth, Within Temptation, Metallica, Blind Guardian for their many many hours of music that i enjoyed while making these levels.
- Kir for just being there and for the Church music.
- Strahd for offering to try and help out whenever needed.
- Capcom for the kickass Resident Evil games, i used some of their RE layouts in this map like the Clocktower.
- Zarin the Sha for getting bloody married and his kickass characters he always shows me.
- Remedy for the subway textures.
- Darkslob, Mark Archer and Dcdarc for beta testing
- Everyone who downloads this.

Any enquiries about this map email me at:

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