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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (VTMB) supports only a small, limited number of resolutions. With the advent of widescreen notebooks, HDTV-equipment and similar obscenites, the default resolution of VTMB result in either blurry pictures due to scaling, parts of the pictures being left out or not using the optimal resolution of your (expensive) equipment.

So I decided to change this.
This program comfortably alters the "engine.dll" file of VTMB to support resolutions that YOU want.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines - Patch 1.2
.NET Framework 1.1 (download from Microsoft)

Backup the engine.dll before.

If you select resolutions that your system does not support, then this can potentially damage your hardware!

The program in this version has no checks built in for values that make no sense, even negative values are not checked.


0. VTMB cannot run at the time of patching.
1. Copy VTMBResPatcher.exe into the folder with "engine.dll".
2. start VTMBResPatcher.exe
3. change the values like you want them to be like or use one of the default sets of resolutions.
4. click "Patch It".

Note: The program will store the previous version of engine.dll as engine.dll.bak. If you patch twice in one session of running the program, the backed-version is the version from the same session.

For questions, go to, register in the forums and ask pirapira.

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