Mod: P&P Mod + Clans
This mod adds 16 new playable clans, with new merits, weaknesses, discipline sets, and decriptions. It also alters the disciplines to more closely resemble the P&P game.
  File Name: clan_addon_2.10.rar     Author: Admin
  File Size: 25.39 MB   Files Added: 11,358
  Downloads: 26,877 (3 last week)   Author Downloads: 18,777,185 (33,001 last week)
  Posted: 19.12.2005   Supporters: n/a
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By Mogway (I just got here) on Mar 06, 2008
By Sissy (I just got here) on Oct 01, 2008
Is it good?'Cause I wanna know before I download...
By Masquarade (I just got here) on Jun 05, 2009
How do and were do you install this mod?
By Lolitahorror44 (I just got here) on Oct 17, 2009
yeah im confused how to download this one too.
By Pharikurt (I just got here) on Jul 12, 2011
Not quite sure how to install any mods
By terror13 (I just got here) on Apr 10, 2012
Hey creator this mod makes warform claws 4-5 do 0 damage

also they wont even equip unless you do a trick to attack.

think you have screwed up the melee equip for warform.

can you fix this because otherwise the whole reason i came back to this game (to play gangrel and try the warform) has became pointless because of this mod, which is a shame because its really diverse please fix this.