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This is Wesp's unofficial patch based on Dan Upright's 1.1 patch that can be used over the 1.2 official patch.


v4.2 19.09.2007

+ Made Tawni quest show failure at once and added Tourette condition. Reconstructed Bertram's pc and incooperated text of unused emails. Added inaccessible Blood Heal and Blood Buff infos to loading tips. Restored over twenty unused lines for several NPCs, thanks to mzz. Translated russian words and fixed Boris' and Chunk's fight scenes. Updated BSPEdit tool and fixed laser beams, thanks to RobinHood70. Made Milligan leave after Intimidation and Pisha react accordingly. Fixed clipping and blocking Venture Tower debris, thanks to MooCHa. Removed last respawning at Giovanni mansion and alert state error. Corrected clerk adressing women "Sir" and some badly placed decals. Repaired possible syntax issues for many dialogues, thanks to mzz. Corrected Mitnick's position, some subtitles and more text details. Made SM blueblood stay dead and cop cars on pier vanish correctly. Fixed some dialogue problems of Knox, Skelter, LaCroix and Heather.

Besides providing multiplayer support thanks to Exulx, this patch also includes a more basic version with the following features:

*Basic Patch: Extracting the vampire folder in BASIC over the regular vampire folder will revert some of the more controversial patch changes:

+ No bonus xp for freeing Ash from the Leopold Society, letting Julius go, leaving Zhao alive or getting Imalia's magazine. + No humanity changes with Copper, Imalia, Ash, Julius, Killer, Wong Ho, Hannah, Jeannette, Tourette and the charity money. + Books are available again from Trip (but the duplicates will stay in the other levels to ease the double usage exploit). + Occult items and blood are available again from Tseng (with Galdjum instead of Fae Charm because of the Isaac issue). + CD quest restored to Nosferatu and second Imalia quest removed. + Larry quest condition restored and Jeanette encounter removed. + All weapon names and firing stats restored to originals. + All three restored occult items removed from the game. + Ox gives money as reward and Venus her original cut. + Conditions for Christopher and Johansen restored. + No SWAT rifle and armor buyable from Mercurio. + No crossbows buyable from Slater and Tseng.

Compared to the bug-fixes-only patch made without permission and giving proper credit out of patch 3.3, the basic patch includes:

+ Most enemies will drop their weapons on death. + All illogical spawning and respawning is removed. + Some enemies and all cops will carry different weapons. + Many dialogue lines, models and encounters have been restored.

LOCALIZATIONS NOTE: This patch will update all languages of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines English, French and German.

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