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Changes in 6.5:

Plus Edition changes:
+Added mugger to Chinatown and pinball player sequence to Last Round.
+Granted humanity when comforting Copper and removed loss for Nines.
+Lessened Dragon's Breath damage and made bolts buyable a bit sooner.
+Added SM haven key and missing particle effects for a lot of claws.

Restored content:
Restored unused shovelhead to Hallowbrook and alternate Tong model.
Restored newspapers to Skyeline and junkyard and added one downtown.
Restored Protean warform hopping and basic stats, but lost the info.

Made the bad luck talisman not sellable and corrected Knox's secret.
Fixed log bugs for Haxxor, Gargoyle, Pisha, Lily and pimpin quests.
Improved netcafe and pawnshop trigger issues and some text details.
Stopped one-shot-killing Larry and Copper been gone for transfusion.
Increased claws range and lowered Desert Eagle accuracy on running.

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