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The Age of Colonialism mod has two primary focuses, balance to the spread of farming technologies and an overhauled election event system. This mod shies away from any significant changes aside from the two focuses listed, anything else is a minor tweak or bugfix. The mod is not attempting to overhaul the economy or military and bring you a whole new system (which doesn't really need to be done). This does not mean the changes the mod makes aren't significant; they have a great effect on balancing the colonizing aspect of the game, done in a non-invasive way.

Farming Technologies

The various techs and inventions that were linked to farming output increases (the six levels of power generation techs, the inventions under the mechanical production etc) no longer give instantaneous bonuses to all provinces under your control. This is similar to my popular Colonial Development Mod, just more developed and without all the spam. Farming technology spreads gradually, state by state, based on a number of factors:

Factors that increase chance for farming advancement:
+high literacy
+high plurality
+high consciousness
+having a province nearby that already has the advancement

Factors that decrease chance for farming advancement:
-colonial state (very significant)
-high militancy
-low literacy

For example, once water-wheel power generation is researched all of your provinces have a chance to advance their farming technology to water-wheel power generation based on those factors.

To clarify, this gradual technological advancement process is only for farming technologies. Mines were often run by large companies with the capability of employing the newest technology at the drop of a hat. Colonial mining companies often set up operations with the newest technology and highly experienced engineers imported from the metropole.

With these changes you will see a much more realistic spread of technologies. Distant colonial farmers now produce less goods, make less income, and provide less taxes. The starving masses of Bombay will no longer live in luxury equaling or surpassing that of Oxford.

Election Events Overhaul

Growing tired of the same boring election events spammed every four years? One doesn't even need to read the text as they are almost all 5%-30%, just select 5% for every issue you don't want and 30% for every issue you do want. Dreadful and dull.

Now election events have flavor, character, and real consequences! Political assassinations, pedophile priests, minority violence, and much much more! Watch as the different parts of your society clash over the issues that mean so much to them.

Integrated Unofficial Fixpack for Victoria 1.2

This mod has the Unofficial Fixpack for 1.2 integrated directly into it. A big thanks to Chann for his excellent compilation of fixes.

Minor Additions
Assimilation has been toned down. It is much harder to make a British colony in India into a state, but it is not very hard to make a colony in Oceania/Americas into a state. The importance of the divide between states and colonies is emphasized by the new farming technological spread.

The only other addition of note is a small reduction in the event spam.

A couple events now have a statewide version of the event that fires instead of the province version when the nation is over 50 provinces:
province version - "[Minority] Poet!" - minority culture consciousness/militancy event
state version - "Acclaimed [Minority] Poet!" - minority culture consciousness/militancy event
province version - "Holy Site Disturbed" - minority culture consciousness/militancy event
state version - "Major Holy Site Disturbed" - minority culture consciousness/militancy event

A couple of events no longer fire for nations of over 50 provinces (these events are truly annoying and spam very often):
"The Old Man and The Sea"-event giving you a whopping 50 fish for a good province harvest
"All the tea in [Country name]"-event giving you an astounding 20 tea for a good province harvest


Installation is simple. Just extract the folder then copy the entirety of the contents into your main Victoria 2 directory. It should ask you to replace a bunch of files, say yes to all.


-Slowed RGO advancement spread
-Fixed atheism and planned economy election events triggering before socialism was enabled
-Integrated chann's v9 fixpack

-a quick bugfix regarding advanced farming mechanization
-the ai now picks the second choice in the "first farmer's bank" event 90% of the time instead of the first one, meaning it doesn't piss off its people dramatically for a pittance

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