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## Changes in Norway mod v.0.4 (beta)
- "Arbeiderpartiet" and "venstre" economic policy is changed to state capitalism.
- "Embedsmennene" economic policy is changed to interventionism.
- "Embedsmennene" war policy is changed to anti-military.
- Iceland is now own by Denmark.
- Jan Mayen is now own by Norway.
- The military start forces is reduced (3 army and 2 navy).
- the list of unit names (navy) is updated.
- the provinces gets a small amount more of farmers and soldiers POP.
- You can now make Norway as a puppetstate under Sweeden if you want a more realistic gameplay.
--- Remove the "###" in front of "varssal" in the "Victoria 2\history\diplomacy\puppetStates.txt" file.

## Changes in Norway mod v.0.3 (beta)
- Embetsmendene is the ruling party when you start the game, not venstre.
- norway gets prestige = 4

## Changes in Norway mod v.0.2 (beta)
- Bergen gets oil in 1966 (you need to edit /common/defines.lua to play past 1936)
- correcting the year in the political parties (sorce:WIKI)
- Skien gets iron instead of timber

## Changes in Norway mod v.0.1 (beta)
- You can now play as Norway in victoria 2

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