Cheats & Hints

Victoria: Empire Under the Sun Cheats & Codes

When playing game press [F12], type any of these cheats below and confirm with [Enter]:

Code: Description:
NOWAR No war
DIFRULES Play like a God
LEADERSHIP Get leaders
MONEY Get loads of money
PRESTIGE Get prestige
TRANSPORTS Get transports
NOREVOLTS Defeat all
NOLIMIT No troops limits
NOFOG No fog
HANDSOFF Hands off all
SHOWID Get province IDs
FULLCONTROL Total control
EVENT 100 Land unit moral upgrades
EVENT 101 Land unit organization upgrades
EVENT 102 Infantry +1 defence, +2 to max fortifications

Victoria: Empire Under the Sun Hints, Tips

Get Resources
To get 100 of any resources just type the name of it. Here is the list: cotton, dye, tobacco, tea, coffee, opium, wool, silk, cattle, fish, fruit, grain, coal, sulphur, iron, precious_metal, timber, tropical_wood, rubber, oil, steel, cement, glass, fuel, ammunition, small_arms, artillery, barrels, fertilizer, explosives, clipper_convoy, steamer_convoy, machine_parts, automobiles, aeroplanes, electric_gear, telephones, wine, liquor, canned_food, fabric, regular_clothes, luxury_clothes, lumber, paper, furniture, luxury_furniture.