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Vietcong Cheats & Codes

During gameplay press ~ to bring up the console then enter a code below: GIFTFROMPTERODON

Code: Description:
CHTHEAL Max out Health
CHTHEALTEAM Max health for team
CHTWEAP # - Get Weapon # (0 30)
CHTAMMO Max out Ammo
CHTALLQF Quickfights enabled
CHT3PV (0/1) Different View
SHOWFPS (0/1) Framerate
SHOWPROF (0/1) Stats on/off
cheat.erikgun Toggle crazy gun
cheat.saveunltd Toggle unlimited saves
cheat.nextmission Skips to next mission
cheat.god Toggle God-mode
cheat.openus Unlock all US missions
cheat.heal Full health
cheat.openvc Unlock all VC missions


Vietcong Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
Ammo Trainer 1.41 Myst 109 KB Download it!
Ammo Trainer 1.20 DARKNeZZ 83 KB Download it!
+3 Trainer 1.01 by Ryst 20 KB Download it!
Ammo Trainer 1.01 DARKNeZZ 81 KB Download it!
Mission/Weapon Unlocker by Pizza 2 KB Download it!