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Hyrule is unexpectedly attacked by an army of Ahtnamaz, large Ant-like creatures
that have avoided contact with the other Kingdoms. Barely escaping, Zelda and Impa
are met by an Ahtnamaz General, and Impa stays behind for the fight. Zelda goes in
search of Link, who soon falls under attack by Ahtnamaz oppressors. The story line
shifts between the perspective of Zelda and Link. When following Zelda's story the
battles take place similar to RTS. When playing as Link the level takes place classical
LOZ style as you traverse dungeons and face bosses.

Important note:
The map files for this are HUGE (1 is 17mb). This is because of all the custom music etc.
Because of the map's large size the Wc3 campaign editor wont load the maps, thus you must
open the maps in the Wc3 editor to play them (sorry for the inconvienece, Gohma is working
on a way to supress the files to get that working properly). There are only 4 maps finished
right now.

General Overveiw:
Here is my first mod brought to you by devilinthedark3, Zoral, and Gohma.
It is an entirely new storyline set in the Zelda universe the revolves
around Link, Zelda, Saria, and the King of Hyrule. There are many new enemies
outside of zelda canon (no, im sick of Ganon being the main bad guy again!)
Also Zoral has colection an impressive music track from classics such as Zelda,
FF7, and babylon5. Considering the variety of music from differnt games, it fits
in surprisingly well.

Create a new folder in your WC3 maps directory and title its Zelda (you can call it whatever
it just makes it easier to find them in the editor) and then unzip the maps in that folder.
Open the Wc3 editor and then open the first map (Lvl1). click the test button (the red checkmark button) and enjoy.
Continue the maps in the correct order please, storyline is essential.

Known Bugs:
-In the first level, Hyrule Castle breifly dissapears for several seconds as the camera pans away.
-In the second level Mido occasionally glitches when Link tries to talk to him before talkin to Saria,
you have to restart the level to get past this bug.
-In the third level, every 1 outt 10 times the Boss doesnt appear as the statue collapses. Sorry but you must
restart the level if this happens.
-When arming Civilians in the 4th level occassionally their armor will appear red instead of light blue.

Please email devilinthedark -

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