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Eternal guardians is a map based upon the popular Aeon of strife style games with humans against the undead, there are several important key features of this map that set it apart from others.

Daytime and night-time, there is a definate swing in balance when it turns between night and day, during night time the undead necromancers gain healing powers and lose it during the day, for the human priests, vice versa is true.

Not only do you gain gold by fighting, but you also gain gold by your level. Periodically you will gain some gold.

Each hero has an innate ability and 5 hero abilities. Each hero ability has four levels. The maximum level for each hero is level 20. There are no passive abilities, and very few channelling spells, this makes the map faster paced and playing each hero requires full attention in battle.

There are plenty of custom abilities in this map, and not all are related to pure damage.

New heroes

+Rune Mage (Human Hero)
-Runic magic abilities, to increase the potential of spells, the rune mage must cast on runes to produce a wider variety of effects.

+Death knight (Undead Hero)
-Adept at control the situation of a battlefield to his advantage. Overall a support hero

+Ignus has 2 new abilites
-Seeking flames has been replaced with a long ranged attack spell.
-Ignus fury is now a flamethrower that burns anything in its path.

various other minor skill balances

To play the map, copy to your warcraft IIImaps directory and play away!

To contact me, email or simply contact me directly (my account name is Scourgey) on Northrend (europe realm) when I am online.

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