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Change Log

Version 9.6a:
-Fixed Light Forces teleport bug.
-Fixed Missile Base capture.
-Fixed other bugs and tips.

Version 9.6:
-Fixed missing upgrade tool tips.
-Fixed "no inventory" bug found in a few tanks.
-Upgraded the in-game tips.
-Add a "-stats" command to show the level of your current upgrades and other misc. stats.
-Increased creep spawn time by 5 seconds (45 Seconds now).
-Increased FLAMER damage by 1200 dmg.
-Fixed Game Options Bug.
-Decreased Boss damage.
-Pings the location of the boss fight on the minimap when boss fight starts.
-Recoded Control Points code to remove the massive memory leaks.
-Fixed the Light Forces teleport bug.

Version 9.5 Beta:
-New Upgrade system.
-Fixed many bugs and re-coded entire game.
-New Game options and menu system.
-Skill points can only be PURCHASED or when you kill the enemy boss.

Version 9.4a:
-Reduced size of some trees.
-Fixed Light Forces creep bug.
-Added loading screen.

Version 9.4:
-Can upgrade more than 1 weapon at a time.
-Fixed Enhanced Turbo Engine Icon.
-Removed vehicle repair ability from Missile Towers.
-Fixed the boss fight bug.
-Changed ownership of Control Points nearest each base. No longer Neutral.
-Added "-notips" to turn off in-game tips.
-Fixed other bugs.

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