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An offensive map that I've developed, but this is the first time I actually try to upload it here.
As I mentioned, the map's type is offensive, or in other word, AoS... whatever u want to name.
You can contact me at

Warcraft offensive style map. "The Well of Eternity once again raised up over the Broken Island. In this battle, the battle between the Night Elves themselves, the Naga and the Sentinel, which side will you stand for?". That's what the description say, though.

Changes in this version:

- Various changes in stats, like stats gain per lvl again...
- Lots of stuff is reencoded using JASS, good things is that now you guys will have less problem playing same/duplicate mode.
- More gold, more bounty.
- Hero bounty is only given to the killer.
- Lots of changes in abilities & spells.
- Other stuffs, fix other bugs. But from the outside, it doesn't look that much of changes. Try for urself :D.
- Improved loading time (which makes the map bigger, sigh~).

Visit me at Have fun! :)

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