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It's an amazing game where strategy, luck, skill and detailed performance come into play. There's plenty of destruction and mayhem in the world of the most advanced battle tanks game ever made, Battle Tanks MG. This is an un-official version/mod of the original Battle Tanks, and once again, –MacGyver- has come through, and improved upon an already popular map!

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Version 10.0a:
- Reduced playable map size (160 x 160 to 112 x 112). The area was just too big!
- Reduced the EXP given when killing enemy tanks and towers.
- Reduced the gold given when killing enemy tanks.
- More weapon upgrades require scrap metal.
- Every level you now get 2 skill points.
- Reduced the number of Damned Souls which spawn when trying to get super weapons.
- Reduced the respawn time.
- Added a cool down when upgrading skill points due to a bug caused when upgrading too quickly.
- Re-coded the Mini Repair Kits. On pickup they now heal 15% of your MAX HP & MAX MANA.
- Added 2 new buildings which players can purchase scrap metal from. (Scrap Yard)
- If you teleport and get stuck, try typing in '-unstuck'. It works wonders!
- ALL TANKS have 1 extra ability. (3 Total)
- Fixed the Weapon Upgrade bug when upgrading multiple weapons and dying.
- Removed the "holy shit" sound as per member request. Map now PG rated!
- GREATLY increased map performance by using the new OOP.Jass system.
- 5 seconds invulnerability after respawn.
- Bosses have Cleavering Attack. 15%

-Fixed Game Ending bug.

-Added Rebel Forces to Middle Base.
-Changed Terrain near top left of map.

-Trading bug fixed. Trading now works.
-Removed a lot of the custom sound so the map file size is smaller.
-Changed the way Skill points are displayed when you gain a skill.
-Disabled Guard Tank for now, until i figure out how to fix that bug.
-Added a new Scrap Metal System.
-Reduced number of Doodads
-Some weapons/items now need Scrap Metal to upgrade them.
-Maximum LVL is now 30.

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