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Version's Changes:
As by request, I made everything easy.

-=Intricate TD v2=-
-Game Level: Peasant.
-Removed Fog of War.
-Removed Black Mask.
-Added Siege Level Information in quest menu.
-Added starting towers.
(1 Lightning, 1 Poison, 1 Dark, and 2 Flame Towers)
(In my own style of position. )
(You can destroy them by using your hero.)

About the game:
This TD is combination of runners and sieges.
Game level is peasant.
Read the quests inside the game for more informations and tips.

How to play:
Unzip the file(s) to your warcraft 3 folder. Play the map in warcraft3 game.

Contact Information:
You can send me emails to intricate2006 AT gmail DOT com.

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