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-For each kill, you get a bounty. Use that bounty to upgrade your units. Upgrades are available at your tavern.
-The object of the game is to destroy all enemy taverns.
-Use upgrades to strengthen your units. There are 30 upgrades per type.
-Use your hero to capture circles of power. Who ever owns a circle of power will spawn ranged units.
-Players can swap the circle freely, so be sure to allow your allies to take possession of it once in a while.
-Circles of Power can only be captured by heroes.
-Those with the same shield type as your Drunk Chicks are your allies. This is not the case with Off-Duty Soldiers.
-Towers heal 50 HP with every kill.
-Towers can be upgraded twice each.
-All heroes can summon Harem Girls. Each hero spawns 3 when they die. Heroes respawn at their taverns after 90 seconds.
-Falling too far behind your enemies? You can hunt down neutral enemies in the city for good money. Police Women
respawn at random areas of the city after death. However, this is not the case if they are mind controlled.
-Have more units then you could ever need and want to reduce lag? Send extra units to the jails in the corners for
additional gold.
-On your last leg and surrounded? Waitresses can put up a great fight when your army has been decimated.
-As research levels get high, you may need to buy items to keep your hero up to par with your units.
-All heroes can summon Heram Girls at start, but when a hero reaches level 15 (max level) he/she can then also summon
Body Guards.
-In a full-house game, every 5 minutes the two players who are the lowest on the leaderboard will receive donations
of 1000 gold from the city citizens (out of pity ^_^).
-Max unit limit per player is 150.
-Good luck and have FUN!

Read me :

Welcome to Lesfalia, where the wine and the women flow in the streets like a river...quite literally.
Every saturday night its Happy Hour on Ladies Night in the city with the most famous pubs outside Kaz Modan.
The city is the home of many humans and different varieties of elves, but the pubs have been segragated into
four distinct districts (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs & Spades) where only certain breeds hang out, leading to
harsh rivalries. So the biggest problem is that these drink-fests is that they always led to violent and bloody
drunken brawls outside in the bad in fact that the pub districts have been seperated and walled-off
from the rest of the populace and contained by police.
You take the part as a bar owner, where you must destroy the other districts' pubs to promote your own.
Your drunk customers and even the waitresses will be more then happy to help ^_^ .

Credits are given in the quest menu!

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