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Blubber27's SnakeCraft v.0.6


Installation Instructions:

Double click "SnakeCraft v.0.6". Unzip "SnakeCraft v.0.6" by clicking the extract icon and then direct the file to your Warcraft3 Maps directory.

Playing Instructions:

Start Warcraft3, click "Single Player", then click "Custom Game". Select the map name "SnakeCraft v.0.6" and then click "Start Game".

Dont use the mouse

Press 'R' To Face Up
Press 'F' To Face Down
Press 'D' To Face Left
Press 'G' To Face Right

This version is somewhat completed so I am releasing it to hear some feedback.
Next versions of this map will include difficulty levels, maybe multiplayer-support, and more features.

Send bugs, comments and/or suggestions to blubber27 at
or look for me at Battle.Net. My account name is blubber27 or ultramagnus27 at USWest

If you like this game, email me and I will make difficulty levels, maybe multiplayer support, and probably add more features in the game.

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