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No one wants to play the normal / hard anyways.
At least on this map, I haven't experienced leavers ( except for the occasional disconnect ).
Lags should have been fixed also.

Read me :

Custom Map : MiniGunners - Redux V4.1

How to use : Like any other custom map for WarCraft 3 FT.

How to enable the A.I. :
Just type -enableai when ingame, and the game will automatically create additional A.I. controlled MiniGunners to aid you all the way to level 18.
From there, you're on your own, I didn't add triggers for them the rest of the way.
If you wish to disable the AI at any point, just type -disableai

Changes since V3.1 :

- Bugfix ( amazeing how many bugs that exists in so little code )
- More abilities and skills!
- For 1000'th time, rebalanced ALL Gunners, nerfed and boosted whereever needed.
Deathgunner still is a TAD behind, but around lvl 25. with lots of Firing Mech. upg. he is awesome.
Also, try getting 0 deaths in a game without a couple of the little blackies...if you want to get that rank, you need Death's.
- New sounds. Like it or hate it.
- Rebalanced levels for speed and difficulty so you might actually have a shot at the 0-deaths rank.
- New graphics!
- Fancy load-screen, removed "Press when ready" - ability so the game starts immediately as soon as everyone has loaded.
- Much bigger file due to sound and fancy load-screen. In my opinion, that's a feature.

Changes since V2.1 :

- Spells.
- Rebalancing
- Items
- Upgrades changes
- Deathgunner and Energygunner is now usefull...
- UNLOCKED FILE. Alter as you wish, but give me a "Thank you" in Quest Log and load-screen.
- Bugfixes.

This map may ONLY be distributed in its original form and without any kind of fee.
This map may NOT be sold or in any way be used for profits.
This map may be distributed freely to everyone as long as theese rules apply.

Author : AtlasRedux - atlas_reduxed AT hotmail DOT com
MSN : ( this e-mail service does currently not work, send mail on adresse above )

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