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Hi, im Cho_Gal , proud maker of the 'Hero line war: Final cut' map.
as it is 'merely' a map it harly requires any 'instalation instructions'
but here is an overall description of the map, particularly compard to other,
commonly hosted maps of the same type.
(below that ill add an optional description of HLW in general)
the map also includes two different tutorial modes,
that 'forces' palyers to read some advice before the game starts.

If you, much like me, like the basic concept of Hero Line War,
but feel the maps that people play are generally all flawed in one way or another;
Maybe that it generally becommes very repetative with all the summoning
and mindless tome massing...

this map just might be for you! ; Easier summoning FAR less tome massing
and general game balance!

Finally a Hero line war map that aspires to be balanced, at evey aspect of the game
(Creeps, Heores, skills, items, spell shirnes....)
While also bringing ground breaking innovations such as the mass summoning,
spell damage that is linked to hero attributes and team income compare & penalty function
(to end games that arnt remotely close a bit quicker) ... Not only this,
but also including stuff seen in earlier hero line war maps ; great but rare features
such as player controlable creeps ('hero creeps') and +x life par attack life steal items
(for resonable early - mid game lifesteal that does not become imblanaced
when combined with heavy attack damage, does work with ranged, and is stackable.)
and ofcourse, the abiility to summon heroes to attack in the end-game.
Easy to learn, difficult to master! dont let the 'low' number of playable heroes fool you;
general game balance is the single best ingredient for good replayability.

Optional general description of Hero Line War:
The idea is to have two teams of one to five palyers in each,
that get to choose one hero each to defend vs attacking creeps.
what differentiates this map style compared to many others,
is that the players ACTIVELY must make the action happen,
through summoning creeps against the opposing team
(not only is this how they win, but summoning creeps also provides gold income
witch is required for decent enought gear on the heroes, to stay alive, later in the game)

What changed from 1.00 to 1.01d is mainly one major bugfix that had to do with income,
made most games very uneven, both among the two teams and the players.
Though little else has changed (a few minor tweaks 'n fixes)
it aught to be generally alot more enjoyable now.


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