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American Risk
Version: 2.1
Author: BladeWarrior17
Updated: 12-2006


1) Simply download the file.
2) Move the file from your downloaded location to C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps
3) Start Warcraft III and enjoy the game.

American Risk is similar to other risk games. However, this one takes place in the continental America during the late 18th century.
There are four main aspects of this game:

1) Build units to conquer your opponents.
2) Capture cities by attacking them and dealing them 75% damage.
3) Control empires by capturing a specific number of cities in a region. (Each region contains a variety number of cities i.e. Cuba has only 2 cities while Mexico has 8)
4) Depending on how many cities in the regions you control, you will gain extra units from that region.

There are 9 total regions:

*North East
*South East
*Great Lakes
*North West
*South West

**NEW FEATURES: Artificially-Intelligent Barbarians, Axemen, lowered health of all units by 25%, A new score board

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