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The VIP is in grave danger. Play as a bodyguard and escort him to safety, or play as an assassin and hunt him down. It matters not how many foes you slay or how many of your allies fall...only whether the VIP lives or dies.

Each player controls one hero and attempts to ensure the VIP's demise or escape. 11 custom heroes with unique skills allow a variety of strategies. Outguess and outmaneuver your opponents to ensure your victory. Strategy and teamwork will be essential to your success.

At the end of each round, the map conditions are reset and all heroes go up a level. Your tactics must evolve as the game continues.

Changes in Version 3.3:

Speed of the Engineer's Repair ability has been doubled at all levels
Mana cost of Repair (per point of health restored) increased by 50%
The targeting cursor for Healing Ward now shows the correct area-of-effect
The hotkey for Leadership (VIP) changed from E to R to avoid a conflict with Shield of Authority
The waygate now plays a more appropriate animation while active

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