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The maps are presented in order from my favorite:) to my least favorite:(. Each map includes a brief description of the map and the map's rating at the time this map pack was created. Seeing as there are 9 maps, you should prepare yourself for a long read. You can, of course, always skim through it. That may even be advisable. Or, if you already know you want to download it, you could even skip the map descriptions entirely. Happy scrolling! :)

Average Rating of Maps-4.53 out of 5
1 12 player map
3 8 player maps
2 4 player maps
2 2 player maps

Rating-4.94 out of 5 *** after 20 votes.
Suggested Players- FFA

Description-The 3 rivers on this map are placed right along side the bases. Travel along the outer arm of the river to the right of your base and you will reach an expansion conveniently located near a goblin ship yard. Using the ships from the goblin ship yard puts you right at two entrances to one of your opponents bases. You can either launch an ambush right in the thick of their base, or you can opt for the sneakier back door approach which allows you to attack them from the rear or hit them at their otherwise, completely unassailable (by ground) expansion.

So, in this way, red has the drop on blue who has the drop on teal who has the drop on... well, you get the idea.

Rating-4.52 out of 5 *** after 27 votes.
Suggested Players- FFA, 2vs2vs2vs2, or 4vs4

Description-The eight starting positions on this map form a ring leading into the middle. Each base has a thick tree wall barring entrance to the middle. The design of this map is intended so that in the early game, you are skirmishing with your two neighbors. By the end of the game, the tree walls will have disapeared and the middle will have openened up for a new late game battle field.

There is an insentive to get to the middle quickly, because the four creeps guarding the fountain of health in the middle also drop the four most powerful items in the level; a valuable boon to the player who gets there first.

Rating- 5.0 out of 5 *** after 8 votes.
Suggested Players- 2vs2vs2vs2 (I have also been told that it gets pretty cut throat in FFA)

Description-The middle feature is a massive temple with stairs leading up to a fountain of mana. In the late game you can also use the temple as an alternate route to your opponent's bases. You may want to scout ahead, however, because accidentally bumping into an enemy on the way could get messy...

Rating-4.85 out of 5 *** after 20 votes
Suggested Players- FFA, 2vs2

Description-When I came up with the idea for this map I wanted there to be a deffinite element of strategy when it came to choosing your expansions (of which there are 16). Your options are not limmited to the 4 closest to you. With careful planning and skillful defense, a player can use a scroll of town portal to teleport virtually anywhere on the map! (very good for ambushes)

Rating-4.92 out of 5 *** after 9 votes.
Suggested Players- FFA :P

Description-You have 3 expansions between the 2 players; 1 at the top of the map and the other 2 at the bottom. The 1 at the top is guarded by a red creep camp and, naturally, yields the most gold. The two at the bottom are guarded by brown creep camps, and are strategically positioned close to a goblin laboratory which makes it easy to spy on your opponent or hire sappers to hit their bases.

Rating-4.40 out of 5 *** after 32 votes.
Suggested PLayers- 2vs2vs2vs2vs2vs2 (I have also been told that it gets pretty cut throat in FFA)

Description-This map was specifically designed for 2vs2vs2vs2vs2vs2 game play. The snowflake shape naturally lends itself to paired bases. Then, in the center of the map, I have set it up so that it lends itself towards paired expansions as well, allowing you to work very closely with your ally.

The following 3 maps never had it in them to be great melees. I decided to include them in the map pack because:
1)They don't add that much to the download time/size.
2)Some people may still *gasp* actually enjoy them.
3)The preview file just worked so perfectly with 9. =P

Rating-4.33 out of 5 *** after 11 votes
Suggested Players- FFA :P

Description- This is a small two player map with two direct paths around the oasis. In the center of the map is a fountain of health and a fountain of mana. So, controlling the center of the map is key to winning the game.

Rating- 4.73 out of 5 *** after 15 votes.
Suggested Players- 2vs2vs2vs2, 4vs4

Description-As the name implies, the middle of the map is almost completely open, which means claiming an expo in the middle leaves you very vulnerable.

Rating-3.30 out of 5 *** after 5 votes.
Suggested Players- FFA, or 2vs2.

Description-Each base has one gold mine and one expansion. There is an additional gold mine in the center of the map with a large stock pile of gold which turns it into a 'King of the Central Gold Mine' style game. As a result there can be some pretty nasty skirmishes involving all four players in the middle of the map.

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