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-new terrain
-new passive skill system
-changed stats system
-upgrade system rebalanced
-many items changed, and lot of new other stuff

Read me :

You choose one of 22 heroes. Each has 2 basic hero skills + you can choose one active offense skill and one active passive skill {all these 3 skills dont need mana - more casting fun}, then you choose 2 POWER skills from own 8 powers (each hero has different 8 powers). [NEW] during game you can choose 5 passive skills!! and lvl them up to max lvl 5.

-you are also able to upgrade your hero in every level for lumber... (speed, life, armor, damage, mana...)
-or choose your own attribute points like str,int and agility
-42 normal items + 47 ITEM recipes(combos) = items that have to be build from other items. Nearly each recipe item has own skill, very nice and easy descriptions. 12 of the recipe items are LEGENDARY items - very strong and expensive ultimate items.

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