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The Greatest Battle - Full Scale Assault
Author: Jonathan O'Brien (gandalf_03246)
This map cannot be sold! It may be modified provided that no credits are removed (including one to myself)

Installation: This is a map for Warcraft III, the Frozen Throne. Extract or copy and paste the (.w3x) file to the maps directory

ex. C:Program FilesWarcraft IIIMaps

Map Description:

Ever wondered why Blizzard never allowed you to play as their Naga or Draenai races? Look no further!

In this melee map you can play as the old races or completely new ones! Users choose their race at the start of the game. Play as any of the following:

-Demons. A terrifying race filled with terrifying creatures. Summon Balrogs and fiends, use Archimonde and raise Zombies! ...
-Dwarves. Hardy little men with huge axes and hammers. They can upgrade to the most durable iron armor of all races. Custom models included!
-High Elves. Mighty male elven warriors. Use their skilled archers, expert swordsmen and deadly cavalry to annihilate foes! Custom models included!
-Draenai. A stealthy and peculiar race. Includes all the units from the game in a balanced fashion.
-Naga. Slithering, slimy legions of war! Use all the units from the Frozen Throne in melee combat!
-Human (altered). Because Elven and Dwarven units were removed from the Human race, others were added. These include High Knights which can trample their enemies, Captains, Javelin throwers, and Catapaults.

Other Features include:
-A hero dueling arena in the center. Level up your hero and by items, then challenge a player to a duel. The winner earns powerups.

-Full AI for custom races! Set the computer player to Easy. This will enable the custom race as follows
Night Elf = Naga
Undead = Demon
Orc = Draenai
Human = High Elves or Dwarves 50/50
(Note: Custom AI works best with at least 1 human or Regular Race Insane AI as an ally)

-Triggered abilities: including Cavalry Charge and Trampling Charge

-Unlocked and new heroes to choose from

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