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Author: Illidan(evil)x


Modern Warfare is a unique co-operative modern war map for WarCraft 3: The frozen Throne featuring two teams, America and Russia, clashing together. The map is created with LAN games in mind, but is also playable via The player(s) are in command of their team's entire force via shared units, and co-operation is required in order to defeat the enemy.

Resources (credits) are gained by a periodic income. The credits is needed to purchase new units, upgrades and weaponry for your team.

The battlefield is a highly destructible city landscape with almost every doodad being a destructible you are able to level with the ground.
Your main objective is to defeat the opposite team. This is accomplished by destroying all enemy structures.

All over the world, countries transport their nuclear waste to Russia for them to store in Siberia; this is how Russia makes a lot of its income. However, for quite a while, instead of storing the nuclear wastes in Siberia, Russia decided to recycle the nuclear waste. Amazingly, they found out how to do it and began to build biological and nuclear weapons to support their military.

More and more the governing over Russia turned into more of a dictatorship and focused strongly on their military strength and defenses within Russia. It took a while before outside countries found out about this new scheme the Russians had been putting in action and every one knew that something was up.

The United States of America (Being the World Power country and a part of the United Nations and NATO) decided to take action and request the Russians to put a halt to their nuclear and biological weaponry production. The Russians refused and in spite of the United States ordering the Russian people to stop what they were doing, they launched a series of missiles towards Finland, Sweden, and Norway. It was obvious at this point that the Russian Federation had plans to conquer their neighbors, starting from the north.

Without hesitation, the United States of America declared war on the Russia and started transporting troops to Europe in a full-scale assault to eliminate the nuclear silos and other missile camps. The United States army landed on France and the United Kingdom and moved their way up towards Russia in very large numbers. While the assault was closing in on Russia from the southwestern part of Russia, the United States issued five groups of Snipers to stealthfully enter Russia and station themselves near suspected Russian military roadways; their objective was to pick off enemy convoys on-sight.

Because of the full-scale assault on Russia from almost all sides, the assault had punched holes in Russia's defensive lines and made it much easier for the Snipers to sneak into enemy territory. The Russian border defenses were very weak and Russia was focusing more on offense than defense.

As the assault forces of the United States moved into Russia, the Russian Federation did not find out that the United States military was in their country until several hours after the United States had arrived, giving the United States a good head-start. The Russians were so focused on producing their nuclear warheads and building an even greater army that they did not bother to think that the United States (Along with some other minor countries) would move into their country on the offensive.

The United States assault teams were divided and began to form bases in Russian territory. The Russians took this as an insult and ordered their armies to destroy the new bases which the Americans had built.

Around March 12, 2012, the war got even more serious and the Russian Federation launched two more missiles at Romania and Austria; the missile headed for Austria was destroyed in flight with the help of space satellites. Many European countries agreed to attack Russia with full force. In the process of this, many Russian towns were raided and one out of the four nuclear silos were captured by the United States of America. The United States was tempted to launch a nuclear missile towards Russia, but believed that it was too much to sacrifice due to their own soldiers being in there already, along with friendly European military. Because of this, the nuclear strike from the United States and other countries was called off.

Two days after the mass assault, a surprise attack from the Russian Federation arrived behind the United States forces and effectively took over Romania as a Russian defensive position/rally point. The United States army and other European armies that were moving in from the West and the Southwestern areas were baffled and took a lot of losses from the back. The ambush from the Russians came through their friendly nations, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

The world was devastated and mass destruction was about to be unleashed on Russia, for almost every country in the world began to despise the corrupt Russian Federation. The losing European factions returned to their home countries to provide a stronger defense against other possible invasions and the rest of the European forces that had been moving in or had already were inside of Russia stationed themselves alongside the Russian borders to ensure that no other nuclear waste or anything else was transported in or out of Russia. At this point, the United States of America was the only country that had been moving in more and more. The bases that were established in Russia from the Americans were now a safe-house and rally point for many friendly soldiers. This is the beginning of Modern Warfare!

Fully compatible
Supports up to 10 players (5 vs 5)
Unique co-operative gameplay
Tactical/Special Weapons
Highly destructible environment
Performance customization in-game
A lot of custom imports, including:
---------- Models
---------- Textures
---------- Sounds
---------- Music
---------- Complete UI
---------- Terrain Art
Tank turret rotation system
Custom projectile system
Fullscreen chatbox
Player ranking w/ save/load possibilities

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