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Steel Saviour is dynamical an action-arcade with which you help the doomed people. And what to do, if gold mines aren't enough for military budget? Here also it was necessary to rely on heroes like you, without looking at a sad condition of your "ship". So, dress a helmet faster not to become deaf from own motor, and move forward for the sake of justice. It is necessary to tell about good avoidance of your fighting helicopter, and also super-modern weapons which can be established by the helicopter. And all has begun that humans have decided to expand the territory for the account of undead, but, apparently, wanted to indulge the same. Only an occasion wasn't. However humans had a whole squadron of helicopters of fast reaction. Though your reaction is necessary too.


[*]The delay after pressing of keys is reduced, and also helicopter movement became smoother
[*]During fight with the Boss the weapon will not drop out any more, and also bombs and additional life will not drop out
[*]The critical error which arises on some versions of game is fixed
[*]Color of a fog changes now in a hall
[*]Health of mini-Bosses has been reduced
[*]The error with weapon Redeemer is fixed
[*]The main weapons has been rebalanced
[*]Special weapons mow uses less energy
[*]And other improvements which you can notice during playing


[*]New models of bonuses
[*]Some weapons, including Triple Pulse Gun which was too weak is changed
[*]Health of some monsters has been reduced
[*]Added description of bonuses and main weapons in the info


[*]Added new special gun called JASG
[*]Level design has been improved
[*]Some boss spells has been changed
[*]All special guns exept Shock Bomb now cause less damage to boss and mini bosses then to another enemies
[*]Range of review of the camera now changes by Z key
[*]Now there are two camera modes which can be changed by C key
[*]The bonus item Absorbtion is renamed to Vampirism
[*]Fixed description in the Info
Multiplayer changes:
[*]In the first place now drops two weapons at once, besides single player can take only one of them
[*]One player now cannot grab all drop items leaving nothing to another


[*]Fixed bug with a scene before the final Boss

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