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* Mrchak
* Karawasa

You get 1 lumber each 5 rounds. Spend it at the Elemental Summoning Center - summon an elemental and you can then infuse its element into towers. By mixing elements you can create towers with special abilities. By focusing on one element you can build strong pure elemental towers. To build level 5 single elemental towers you need to support it with an elemental essence, which costs 1 lumber.

Most spawned creeps have elemental armor. Each element is strong against one armor type and weak against another. See the tower descriptions for specifics.

Every 15 seconds you get extra cash based on your unspent gold (interest). Your interest rate starts at 2.0% and you can spend lumber to increase it.

You can sell towers too. 100% refund for non-elemental towers, 75% for elemental towers.
Type "-random" before the end of level 5 to have your lumber randomly spent for you. Not for the inexperienced.

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