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Author: Nikihil Sharma

These changes have a 'big' affect on the gameplay (esp. in SP).

*Change Log
- Adds 2 new portal items (though these have been present since the first release back in 2004). Atma Portal lets you and those fine folks called 'enemies' teleport directly in front of your base wherever you summon it. The Narakanian Portal is a bit more hellish (and expensive), but it will let you create all units from the production pile wherever you summon it and also lets you revive your dead hero anywhere these portals are present. But yeah, these don't exactly teleport you to your base unlike Atma portals.

- The 'Obsidians' can now transform into the Destroyer form again. I don't know how I managed to disable that ability in which version, but it's fixed. You can do that anytime. Also, Obsidions are a bit more stronger and immune to magic. Perfect companions for your heroes. Just stay away from archers, mages, anything that shoots at range.. esp. Juggernaut.

- Juggernaut guardian has been updated again. Now he will level up everytime he fights someone.. and kill them. So everytime Juggernaut dies, get ready to face a more powerful guardian. Oh and the guardian follows Juggernaut around, so might wanna destroy him on the spot or try luring him into the enemy base..

- The 'Demented Upgrader' sells the newly added portals only (the reason why he had empty inventory in previous versions). Only portals? Rumor speaks of him carrying some really epic upgrades for your units along with portals. But he will not share it with just anyone. Only a hero with an 'epic' fame deserves his upgrades. Figure it out.

- All random creeps that spawn during everygame are now even more powerful than before (since the random shops that spawn are usually near them somewhere). Also, the spider mages creeps guarding the path to the Juggernaut have been upgraded as well.

- The AI has been upgraded again. I played SR against/with 11 computer players without any noticable system lag (but then, I ran it on 64-bit OS)... with AA and AF forced in-game. So yeah, works fine and plays deadly.

- This map is still B.Net friendly so it can be played online. The next version (2.1), the final update for SR will come in 2 flavors, namely, SP and SP/MP versions. SP only version will have a bigger file size (size limit for B.Net, thanks Blizzard) because of new models, skins and sounds. The SP/MP version will contain any changes made to 2.1 minus the additions for SP (keeping it under 2 MB).

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