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Author: CBX Entertainment

-A party of up to 6 brave heroes travel in search of the great tomb of Jarahcon. On their way they meet fierce beasts and friendly guides to aid them on their treacherous journey-
-10 hero classes, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages plus some subclasses to allow further specialisation-

-Fully customized skill point system, integrating, not only strength, agility and intelligence, but 7 more characteristics which enhances your heroes ability strengths-

-29 (total, not all accessable in one game) stages of immensely differing terrain types, from the lush marsh near Nollen pier to the fiery pits of Jarrahcons tomb-

-Fully customized item system, introducing common, uncommon, rare and ancient items-

-Weapon and armor upgrades that actively increases different aspects of your heroes-

-Overall an immensely challenging team based rpg that requires players to work together, or die in discord-

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