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Author: Grievous1

Whispers in the Dark is a space horror survival modification for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne with some elements from the horror action shooter game "Dead Space". With help of some weapons and a lot of teamwork you must survive in order to kill the last creature.

The offical Whispers in the Dark version 1.5 with a lot of bug fixxes and changes.

-Fixxed the hero mass spawn bug
-Added a reload system
-Remove the light system
-Added a trooper hire system
-Added Dr. Devin Darius for the Final Battle
-Added a chat over hero head system
-Added a Grenade and Reload Animation for the hero model
-Fixxed some weapon system bugs
-Added new Information under the Quest Log
-Lower Filesize for the soundtracks
-Now you can heal other players with the heal spell

v.1.5: Bug fixxed version
-fixxed the revive bug
-fixxed the difficulty weapon points bug
-fixxed the weapon points earn bug from player 6

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