Mod: Beyond the Throne: Tides of Darkness
There are numerous new spells and units to play with and countless new strategies to employ. The terrain is different than what you've played on before, naval unit integration demanded a much more open field of battle.
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  Posted: 31.01.2012   Supporters: n/a
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By Ubel_Feuer (SI Member) on Feb 03, 2012
Not sure who uploaded this but thank you I suppose.

This is a altered-melee that takes place post-World Tree. In this latest iteration a new race called the Lost is introduced.

This is a public test version to address balance and idea issues. Specifically I would like feedback on the following:

-How do you feel about the unit composition, their roles, and usage.
-How you think the third race should progress.
-Unit and spell suggestions for the Orc (Temple of the Damned) and Human (Mage Tower) magic units.
-Should I keep heroes at all? Currently you can vote to disable them at the game start. Besides the obvious balance issue they account for nearly 2000 kbs of data.

Please note that there is no AI in this version as it is a public test version and spending a great deal of time making the AI doesn't make sense right now.