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As Warcraft 3 gets older and older by terms of graphics skins and models this is the cause why many good old games simply die off so i decided this legendary game need's an overhaul.
And im just planing to do just that with my mod called Warcraft Ressurection.
Warcraft Ressurection will blow your mind and im guaranteing it.
With new new skins models textures projectiles too give warcraft 3 and frozen throne a new and interesting look.
I recomend too play the campaign of ROC and TFT too observ the differences.
To play the original campaings is strongly recommended however you can play single and multiplayer too.
However some diferences are hard too spot so don't be MAD.
Don't worry im only choosing the the best of the best from The Hive Workshop
I hope everyone will love it or at least like it.
And all the races have recieved a bit ressurection so wich race do you choose?

The valiant and noble Human Alliance with iron disciplined footman,knights and other specialised units.
The brutish and agressive Orcish Horde with it's legions of grunts,speathrowers and other powerful units.
The evil and manipulative Undead Scourge with its necromantic powers and other rotten and half-rotten troops.
The secretive and cuning Night Elf Sentinels with its hit and run tactics and powerful druids.
The vengance hungry Blood Elf's with the power of arcane and fel magics.
Or the vengeful and dangerous Naga with its ability to strike from the sea.

Wathever race or options you choose Ressurcetion has something for everyone and remember only the best of the best is chosen too my mod so i can gaurantee that mod is not flat or uninteresting.

So prepare youreselves to be amazed!
Its Ressurection Time!

Ps: At this time im trough with over 5310 hours of working on the mod so everyone have a try at it

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