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1. Anti-ground attack of the Masters' Zentraedi Quadrano has been restored to its intended "normal" damage type.

2. Masters'Bioroid Drone mineral harvesting capacity lowered to 15, down from 20.

3. Invid Suicide Scout's HP has been reduced to 200 and its attack reduced to melee range.

AI Fixes

1. Bioroid Drones no longer leave their harvesting posts to attack enemy bases and units.

2. Invid AI upgraded to be more efficient and intelligent.


1. "ROBOTECH: Enemy Frontier" logo added to the main menu.

2. New buttons for the following:

REF - Shadow Fighter, Shadow Cyclone, Alpha Fighter, REF Soldier, Alpha-Beta Legios, Beta Fighter, and Destabilizer Ability.

Invid - Enforcer unit/upgrade, Royal Command Battloid, Simulagent (Etherial Form), and Mana Shield Ability.

3. New custom victory and defeat score screens for all three multiplayer races.

4. New complete sound sets for the following:

REF - Missile Cyclone, Medical Officer, Cat's Eye Recon Plane, and Shadow Cyclone.

Invid - all units, save for the hellcat, the scrimm inorganic, and the odeon (which sports a build quote now).

*Note: The Invid quotes will probably eventually be replaced by new recorded dialogue sometime in the future, just to break the monotony of the same voice & mostly same quotes for nearly every unit.

As you may have noticed, there are still no new models in this Total Conversion. I need to take this moment to get on my knees and beg for help from the modding community on this problem, as although we have 1 or 2 modelers we have no reliable skinners/texturers. Thus we have a handful of models ready to go, but are still missing the necessary people to get them ready for insertion. Please, if you have any skinning/modeling experience and are willing to help, give us a ring at

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