Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne News (PC)

Rumor: DOTA2 reveal at Gamescom

Posted: 05.07.2011 by JonahFalcon

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It seems that Valve will be unveiling the long-awaited sequel to their popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Anicents, at Gamescom.

Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA2) is likely to debut at Gamescom due to a listing on the official expo site that shows Valve as an exhibitor set to show a product under the "strategy" category.

Valve DOTA trademark 'doesn't seem right' or 'pro mod' says Pardo

Posted: 25.10.2010 by Technet2k

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The DOTA name is being trademarked by Valve as they develop DOTA 2, but Blizzard says it "seems like a really strange move" given Valve's history.

Rob Pardo is 'confused' by the sudden filing, especially as it's been "freely available" to Blizzard and the Warcraft III community since its creation.

Valve is developing DotA 2

Posted: 14.10.2010 by Technet2k

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Super popular online real-time strategy game Defence of the Ancients is getting a sequel developed by Valve, and it runs on the Source engine.

It sticks with the cartoony visuals despite the upgrades and features voice chat and a new coaching system for newbs to get tutored by DotA veterans.

Valve working on DoTA says actor

Posted: 10.08.2010 by Technet2k

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Thanks to voice actor John St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, we know Valve is still very busy with the Warcraft III mod of unrivalled fame.

Defence of the Ancients, or DoTA, is now a full game project at Valve which isn't surprising as mod dev Icefrog has been given his own team.

Blizzard is at a "constant risk" after last 5 years "explosive growth"

Posted: 27.05.2010 by Technet2k

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Co-founder Frank Pearce of Blizzard has warned that they face "a constant struggle every day" to make sure they stay on track organisationally.

Such has been the success of World of Warcraft that Blizz finds itself with "lots of room for improvement." Has no "sense" of family anymore.