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The Last Stand (1v1 AI)
Compatible with Dawn of War, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade.

Simply drop the files into w40kDatascenariosmp. Done.

The gameplay is designed as players vs AI. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT COMP STOMPS - This is not designed as a simple comp stomp you could get anywhere online, or using the Skirmish AI Mod. It is designed as a defensive map where the player must hold out against 15 levels of enemy attacks before being given the order to advance and crush the enemy. It is something of a hybrid Tower Wars style of gameplay and is meant to fill the need for defensive maps.

Setting up your game
When you set up your game, you simply choose this map as you would any other map. This has been designed with specific win conditions and game options in place. DEVIATING FROM THIS SETUP WILL NOT DELIVER THE INTENDED EXPERIENCE.
These things listed below are VITAL to ensure the map works.
1) YOU MUST put an AI player in the final player spot. If it is a 6P map, the AI needs to go in position 6, 3 player maps need the AI in position 3, 2 player maps need the AI in position 2 and so on.
2) You MUST have fixed start positions
Failure to do this WILL cause a SCAR error.
The map was designed to be played using the win condition annihilate, but deviating from this will not break the game.
You can select Quick Start or Standard resources and the SCAR adjusts the attacking waves accordingly, and if you select an AI ally, you can expect them to do stupid things and screw you over unless of course you have the superlative AI mod running.

All credits go to Argonaut

If you have anyquestions about the map, please post them at

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