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Author: The Hunger

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Mission Map 9
From Dawn of War campaign
By: The Hunger/Relic
Date: May 24, 2008

This is Relic's map, and I take no credit for creating it. I simply converted it into a skirmish map that
can be enjoyed outside of the single-player campaign. The map should be installed in the following folder
(for whichever version of the game that you own):

For Dawn of War: Program Files->THQ->Dawn of War->W40K->Data->Scenarios->MP
For Dark Crusade: Program Files->THQ->Dawn of War - Dark Crusade->DXP2->Data->Scenarios->MP
For Soulstorm: Program Files->THQ->Dawn of War - Soulstorm->W40K->Data->Scenarios->MP

The Hunger

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